Titan database about Longhorns or Timber-Beetles (Cerambycidae)

Hyleoza confusa
Tavakilian & Galileo, 1991

Cnemidochroma coeruleum
(Achard, 1910)
Callichromatini (femelle)

The database Titan on world-wide Cerambycidae is constantly updated by Gérard Tavakilian & Hervé Chevillotte.
This database contains more than 99% of valid described species and subspecies of World Cerambycidae, which is considered as one of the most important Coleoptera families after Curculionidae, Chrysomelidae and Carabidae.
An updated list of taxa is related to their main bibliographic references as well as to the information about flight periods, host plants, parasites, phoretics, predators and mimics. This database can be consulted in many different ways :

- by taxa we can find the tribe's name, the genus, the vernacular's name or species valid name and also the synonyms (descriptions and spelling).
- by types we can find the holotypes list with their location (Institutions where they are sheltered).
- by bibliography we can find references by typing entire or part of the author's name, the year of publication or part of the bibliographic references which are never contracted.
- by country we can find a list of species by the country where they have been collected.
- by relationships we can find the main relations between insects and their host plants, predators, parasites, mimics or phoretics.

The Titan database is exhaustive for the whole American continent and it's being completed for the rest of the world day after day. The main difference with the preexisting databases is that we have taken all the information at the source, at the institution that hosts the typical material (holotype) that has been used to establish the description and also with the reference of the original publication and the complete baseonyme (the name used for the original description). The typical species have been clearly indicated except when they were not yet designated.

When it's possible we have also included: the geographic distribution, the host plants, the visited flowers (complete scientific botanical name including the family), the parasites, the predators, the mimics, and also the common (vernacular) names in different languages for the harmful species (when they exist), the ones with environmental interest or with an extensive distribution. We accept all suggestions to improve this database. If you have some comments about any particular subject please contact G. Tavakilian (tava@mnhn.fr).

A complete list of valid names for the american species is available by clicking here.

The catalog of American species that was used as a reference for this database was written by Miguel A. Monné (1993-1995).

The website is hosted by GBIF France.
Last update of the database: December 22th 2023
The database Titan contains 38,954 species, 19,606 bibliographic references and 53,372 types

Systematics: Gérard Tavakilian, IRD-MNHN (gerard.tavakilian@mnhn.fr)
Webmaster: : H. Chevillotte, IRD-MNHN (herve.chevillotte@ird.fr)

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